Connectivity: New Video Underscores Need to Link Wildlife Habitats

Aerial image of Vital Ground's Ninemile Crossing project
Vital Ground's Ninemile Crossing project 20 miles west of Missoula, Mont., is one of several important wildlife connectivity sites illustrated in a new video by Eric Ian.

Connecting Habitat Strongholds Key to Durable Wildlife Conservation

“The greatest threat to wildlife is loss of habitat,” says Vital Ground landowner partner Sam Testa to begin a new video unpacking the important concept of connectivity in wildlife conservation.

“You end up with a patchwork,” adds biologist and Vital Ground trustee Douglas Chadwick a few moments later. “That works for us pretty well; it doesn’t work for animals.”

Produced and edited by Eric Ian, the video serves as a follow-up to Vital Ground’s longer “One Landscape” film released in December 2020. It highlights the centrality of connectivity–secure habitat linkages across private lands that connect the Northern Rockies’ larger wild strongholds–to Vital Ground’s One Landscape Initiative.

The film features graphics, landscape footage and landowner interviews by Ian as well as trail camera footage from Tina Zenzola and donated wildlife footage from Bob Landis. Aerial images of several Vital Ground project sites illustrate the connective function of these habitat areas located in valley bottoms that connect mountain ranges but face intense subdivision and development pressures.

From northern Idaho to central Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, viewers gain an up-close look at some of the key places and partners helping connect and protect crucial habitat for grizzlies and all things wild. Thank you for watching, sharing and supporting connectivity through Vital Ground’s One Landscape Initiative!

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