Our work in Alaska

Our partnerships in Alaska protect some of the most threatened brown bear habitat in the Last Frontier. Grizzlies thrive in the state, but new development still brings conflict.

Alaskan brown bears in Katmai National Park. Photo by Philip DeManczuk.

From coastal brown bears to tundra grizzlies, Alaska remains a stronghold for Ursus arctos in North America. Alaska Fish and Game reports a population of at least 30,000 in the state, or 95 percent of the U.S. grizzly population. Yet Alaskan bears still need our help from time to time. New development presses in on wild bear habitats, bringing humans and bears into conflict. While Vital Ground does not pursue conservation easements or land purchases in Alaska, our conservation partner projects in the state have protected threatened habitat along Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island and more. Learn more about our work in the Last Frontier via our Conservation Partners page.

Other Habitat Projects

in Grizzly Recovery Ecosystems

Vital Ground protects and restores habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife, connecting the wild strongholds of the Northern Rockies. We group our projects based on the grizzly’s six federally-designated recovery zones, working to link these core areas into one resilient landscape.