Memorial Gifts

At Vital Ground, memorial gifts are made in remembrance of someone who has passed away. You can memorialize a family member or a friend through an honorary gift, gift fund or memorial.

Chuk and Donna Steadman
Donna Steadman (right) recently made a memorial contribution toward Vital Ground’s Wild River project, a strategic effort to protect habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife species in an important wildlife corridor in northwest Montana. The memorial gift celebrates Chuk Steadman’s (left) long-stated goal of “making a difference for animals and for the planet.”

To make a donation in honor or memory of someone or some occasion, please call  406-549-8650. Please be prepared to provide the names and addresses for anyone you’d like to be notified about your gift, as well as the name of the person, persons, or  occasion being honored or memorialized. If you prefer, you can also mail your contribution along with a note of explanation. Send to: Vital Ground, 20 Fort Missoula  Rd., Missoula, MT 59804.

If you do not want to start a special fund, but would still like to make a special private  online donation in honor or memory of someone or some occasion, you can do so here.

If you have any questions about tribute gifts, please phone  406-549-8650 or email