Matt Dusek

Vital Ground Trustee since February 2021

Matt is a noodler, tinkerer, wanderer, and daydreamer. He believes deeply in the power of collaborative imagination. Matt joined Roblox as the first hire, helping build it for more than a decade into a global sensation. His academic background is in analytic philosophy, with a focus on epistemology and philosophy of mind. A lifelong lover of wildlife and wild places, Matt grew up on nature shows like Wild America — The Man Who Loved Bears was on endless repeat — and had his imagination irretrievably captivated by mountain wildernesses while visiting the western national parks with his grandparents over the course of several summers. In 2013, Matt began researching how to effectively establish linkage corridors between disconnected grizzly bear populations. In the process, he learned of Vital Ground’s (then) nearly 25-year history of accomplishing that very thing. Matt became involved and was thrilled to join the board of trustees in 2021. One of Matt’s great joys in life is the pursuit of bold ambitions with inspiring people, and Vital Ground offers that in spades. Matt is joined in his enthusiastic support of Vital Ground by his wife, biologist Rachel Dusek.