“Where the grizzly can walk,” an umbrella of benefits follows

Mule deer and quail in forest
Photo: Philip DeManczuk
Mule deer and quail are among the myriad animals that share range with the grizzly bear, benefitting from conservation efforts that help bears and entire ecosystems thrive.

Grizzly bear conservation has positive impacts on entire ecosystems

Conservationists have long considered the grizzly bear an ecological umbrella species. That means the grizzly’s presence on the landscape can be scientifically correlated with greater diversity and health for countless plant and animal species. Knowing these truths, Vital Ground co-founder Lynne Seus penned a phrase early in the foundation’s history that has supported our habitat protection work ever since: “Where the grizzly can walk, the Earth is healthy and whole.”

From elk and waterfowl in the fertile Kootenai Valley of northern Idaho to Canada lynx and wolverine outside Glacier National Park, Vital Ground’s landowner partners bear witness to the biodiversity that flourishes when we conserve key grizzly habitat together:

Of course, as landowner Sam Testa mentions in the video above, it’s not just wildlife that benefit from grizzly conservation. Many studies show grizzly bears to be a major contributor to the human economies surrounding the species’ strongholds in and around Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier national parks as well as across western Canada and Alaska. For far longer, Indigenous peoples have lived near bears and stewarded relationships of mutual benefit and spiritual significance.

By supporting Vital Ground’s work to reconnect more of the grizzly’s historic range in the Lower 48, you are helping both natural and human communities thrive for generations to come. As naturalist author and Vital Ground trustee Doug Chadwick summarizes, “This is saving nature on a large scale and connected scale.” And as a nonprofit land trust, we can’t do it without you!

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