Bear Spray Saves Lives

Wildlife manager demonstrating bear spray use
Photo: Danielle Oyler/Wildlife Management Institute
A wildlife manager demonstrates proper bear spray use at an educational event.

Montana Manufacturer Helps Grizzlies and People Stay Safe

Bear spray: it’s a proven, essential component in allowing grizzly bears and people to share the Northern Rockies landscape safely. By keeping rare encounters from turning deadly for humans and bears alike, bear spray saves lives and helps grizzlies stay out of trouble as their fragmented populations expand and reconnect in the Lower 48.

UDAP Bear Spray

UDAP Bear Spray

Vital Ground has supported many partners that provide bear spray training to communities and recreationists in grizzly country, and we’re eager to continue promoting Vital Ground bear spray business partner UDAP.

“We’re excited to be partners with Vital Ground,” says Tim Lynch, general manager of UDAP. “The grizzly bear is a big part of our history and culture here in Montana. UDAP products help bears and people coexist, so there’s a strong alignment between our business and Vital Ground’s mission.”

Based between Yellowstone and Glacier national parks in Butte, Mont., UDAP distributes its tested and proven products around the world. Vital Ground began collaborating with UDAP in 2020 by publishing “Get to Know Grizzlies”, an informational pamphlet on grizzly conservation and safety that shipped to UDAP customers with their bear spray orders.

Under the business partnership, UDAP financially supports Vital Ground’s work to protect habitat for grizzlies and all that share their range while benefiting from promotion to Vital Ground’s conservation-minded audience of more than 90,000 supporters and followers. UDAP is part of a growing list of stalwart Vital Ground business partners helping advance the cause of grizzly and biodiversity conservation, including Kodiak Cakes, Montana Coffee Traders, Young Living Essential Oils, Sawtooth Brewery , Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery, and many more.

“Business partners like UDAP are key in our efforts to conserve spaces for grizzly bears, moose, bull trout, Canada lynx and many other sensitive species,” says Kevin Rhoades, Vital Ground’s director of communications, marketing and membership. “Partners benefit by identifying with the iconic grizzly bear and the goodwill that flows from protecting and connecting wildlife habitat for animals and people alike.”


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