Artist Claire Emery


Many Glacier




Crossing Over

Sandhill cranes by Claire Emery

Sandhill Cranes

American dipper by Claire Emery

American Dipper

many-glacier_emery encounter_emery crossing-over_emery Claire-Emery_art Sandhill cranes by Claire Emery American dipper by Claire Emery

Artist Claire Emery

Claire Emery’s artistic process begins in the field, her outdoor studio, where she investigates the genius of nature through careful observation, sketches and writing. A typical field entry includes lively drawings at multiple scales, questions, and reflections. Together, these becomes the springboard for more directed work in her indoor studio, where she continues her work by consulting books, experts, scientists, poets and the Internet to develop stunning woodblock prints.

“Nothing about my process is fast,” she says. “Creating a woodblock print is a very old and beautiful process. Once I transfer the story I want to tell onto wood, I carve lines, patterns and textures using V- and U-shaped gouges to create an image. Once the carving is complete, I roll very fine layers of ink onto the wood. Then, my 1982 Takach Etching Press transfers the ink from the wood to special handmade cotton paper. Once the ink is dry, I hand-color each print using multiple glazes of color until it sings.”

Once Claire signs and numbers the limited edition run of prints, she sends them out into the world to lovers of fine craft, nature and conservation. You can learn more about Claire Emery at