Swan Valley Bear Resources

Providing resources and promoting coexisting to prevent bear conflicts on the Swan Valley’s private and public lands.


Photo by Swan Valley Bear Resources


Photo by Patti Sowka

Swan Valley Bear Resources

Photo by Rick Mace


Photo by Swan Valley Bear Resources

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Photo by Kathy Koors


Photo by Rick Mace

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Swan Valley Bear Resources PROJECT BRIEF

The Swan Valley is where it all began for Vital Ground in Montana. Our first conservation easements happened there, and it still holds our largest collection of habitat protection projects.

As shown in the video below, we are eager to aid Swan Valley Bear Resources (SVBR), a collaborative group doing vital work to reduce bear mortality in the area. For much of the past decade, we’ve supported SVBR work like community classes and workshops teaching landowners about bear-resistant garbage containers, loaner programs for those all-important containers, bear-proof fencing for gardens and livestock, and bear safety education for recreationists. In 2022 and 2023 we funded their efforts to offer electric fencing, bear-resistant garbage cans and bear-aware education to Swan Valley residents. This is the critical follow-up work ensuring the efficacy of our habitat protection efforts in the Swan, and we can’t think of a better partner for it.

Swan Valley Bear Resources at a glance

  • Community working group formed by local nonprofits, community members and land managers
  • Operated by Condon-based Swan Valley Connections near many Vital Ground projects
  • Consult and partner with area landowners to minimize bear-human conflicts on their properties
  • Host community educational workshops on bear safety, electric fencing, and bear-proof garbage