Teton Valley Bear Wise

Replacing fears with facts to keep the Teton Valley safe for bears and people.

Grizzly bear cub chewing grass

Photo by Jim Cole

6447324d4621e.image tetons_sStock_1080 Grizzly bear cub chewing grass

Teton Valley Bear Wise PROJECT BRIEF

Following high-profile bear conflicts and removals in 2022, residents of Teton County, Idaho, came together to form the Teton Valley Bear Wise (TVBW) group. These committed citizens have been spearheading bear-aware outreach across the county to ensure that people and wildlife on this stunning landscape, which is directly adjacent to Grand Teton National Park and its many grizzlies, can continue to coexist. In addition to sending informational postcards about securing attractants to landowners, they’ve also hosted talks with biologists and wildlife managers like Chris Servheen, former Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These efforts to teach their community more about the basics of bear biology and conflict prevention aim to reduce fear and empower residents to take practical steps to keep themselves safe.

Living alongside such abundant and diverse wildlife populations can pose challenges but, as TVBW expresses, it is often something that residents deeply value. In taking voluntary steps to make their community safer for both grizzlies and people, TVBW is doing its part to protect this rich heritage for future generations and demonstrate that, rather than antagonism, many residents of the county actively want to live alongside these animals and are willing to do what it takes to do so peacefully.

Teton Valley Bear Wise at a glance

  • Sending information to landowners about how to secure attractants
  • Hosting information presentations by bear biologists
  • Demonstrating their community's commitment to coexistence
  • Preventing conflicts to keep Teton grizzlies safe