Yaak Valley Forest Council

Spreading bear awareness in the Yaak Valley, home to one of the Lower 48’s smallest grizzly populations.

Lance Schelvan photo of Yaak wildflowers at sunset
Yaak River in Broadie Habitat Preserve
Trail camera photo of sow grizzly and two cubs at a hair corral study site in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem

Yaak Valley Forest Council PROJECT BRIEF

Tucked into Montana’s northwestern corner, the Yaak Valley is home to one of the Lower 48’s smallest grizzly populations—just 25 bears by recent estimates, enduring largely in isolation from other grizzly sub-groups.

These bears must be able to share the landscape with people if they are to persist, and our longtime partners at the Yaak Valley Forest Council help that happen. We’re proud to support their annual Bear Aware Fair, a regional community gathering that helps landowners share resources and learn new strategies for coexistence with wildlife.

Yaak Valley Forest Council

  • Longtime nonprofit partner working in Yaak Valley of far northwestern Montana
  • Just 25 grizzlies endure in the Yaak with little genetic exchange with neighboring populations
  • Annual Bear Aware Fair helps educate landowners on resources and strategies for preventing conflicts
  • Coexistence partnerships complement numerous Vital Ground habitat projects in Cabinet-Yaak area