Coming Together for Coexistence

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Conflict prevention is easier when we all chip in and build communities equipped to coexist with wildlife. Across grizzly country, many local groups are committed to helping their towns, cities and counties become more bear-aware. Many follow the Interagency Grizzly Bear Council (IGBC) bear-smart community framework, which is a great model to follow if you want to start or expand bear-awareness efforts in your area. People and Carnivores also provides resources for starting bear-smart community groups and Vital Ground’s Conservation Partners Grants are available annually to support conflict-prevention projects.

Education resources

Sharing information helps us all get better at following bear-smart procedures and spreads the values and practices of coexistence across grizzly country. We encourage you to share this hub with your network. Our conservation partner Be Bear Aware also provides educational resources and in-person bear safety trainings in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming with their traveling trailer. For kids and those who teach them, Bear Smart has a variety of helpful materials. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks also periodically hosts bear aware forums where inert bear spray demonstrations and practice are available. 

Existing bear-aware organizations and other relevant community groups: